The TGYF Board & Officers


The Board of Directors

Jennifer Moreland (President); Jennifer is the Executive Director of the Downtown Corvallis (OR) Association. She has extensive board leadership experience, ties to local economic development endeavors, and is instrumental in facilitating local fundraising activities

Ken Pickrel (Treasurer); Ken is an accounting and finance specialist from Portland, OR. Ken’s demeanor and attention to detail are key to facilitating work with non-profit fiscal sponsors and record keeping associated with the transition from fiscal sponsorship to our own 501c3.

Scott Carlson (Secretary); Scott is the Nebraska Statewide Veterans Drug Court Coordinator and was one of the national leads in establishing the concept of drug courts. Scott brings experience in grant proposal writing as well as potential tie-ins of animal assisted therapy to various national drug and mental health treatment endeavors.


Executive Director

Sean Scorvo, MD (Executive Director); Sean is a retired physician with experience in mental health, business development, and operations…oh, and he is the proud father to twelve goats, two pigs, two dogs, two chickens, and grandfather to ten puppies (who need a good home with plenty of acreage…soon…please!)


Our History

It all started when…

In the summer of 2016, the first goat yoga class was held by Lainey Morse on her farm in Albany, OR. What started as an event for friends and family soon turned into an international sensation when photos Lainey took of the gathering were sent to Modern Farmer Magazine. Within six months, goat yoga had become an international sensation.

As she grew her business, she was struck by three things: 1) The emotional experience people described was more than she anticipated; 2) Non-Profits, community groups, and corporate health and wellness programs saw the value of goat yoga for fund raising and team building, but they frequently couldn’t afford the cost, and the various goat yoga locations Lainey was helping couldn’t afford to donate to everyone; 3) The revenue generated by goat yoga was supplementing income for small farms and sometimes was the primary means of paying bills.

Sean Scorvo, in his association with Lainey, was privy to the ups and downs of the nascent industry. Having discussed goat yoga’s mental health benefits, fundraising potential for non-profits, and its tie-ins with agritourism and local economic development, he brought up the potential for a non-profit to fill the void between profit and altruism for goat yoga businesses nationwide. Thus was born The Goat Yoga Fund.

As of June, 2019, TGYF’s 501c3 application is in process, fundraising has begun, and the search is on for a fiscal sponsor. We see big things for the remainder of the year and anticipate updating our ‘history’ soon!